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This Website is a Reliable Place to buy Ayurvedic Products. All Products 100% safe & Authentic. Fast Delivery Facility Also Good. 

Dinesh Purohit / Uttar Pradesh

This Website is amazing, you can Order EVERYTHING Related to Ayurveda! The Website Provide Ayurvedic Medicine, Herbs & Syrup. Products are 100% Original & Authentic. 

Bhanu Sharma / Regular Buyer

It is the Trusted Place for Buy Ayurvedic Herbs & Medicine. I bought Talmakhana from here. Found in Original Form and was completely Pure. 

Rajiv Choudhary / MP

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Buy Dadimashtak Churna, Dadimashtak Avleha & KPILIV-DS Syrup For Increase Appetite


Dadimashtak Churna : Dadimashtaka Churna a polyherbal Ayurvedic formulation mainly used for gastro intestinal problem such as Loss of Appetite, diarrhea etc. mixture of 13 herbal powder along with sugar used in the management digestive system related problems

Dadimashtak Avleha : It is Also Useful in Digestion Related Issues. Loss of Appetite.

KPLIV – DS Syrup : This is an Liver tonic Improve Liver Function.

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Buy Kalera’s Medohar Ark & Medohar Guggulu for Weight Loss


Medohar Ark : Medohar Ark is an Ayurvedic product used as an anti-obesity formulation. Medohar Ark has been traditionally used as an anti-obesity agent that decreases excessive fat from the body and is useful in sweat with foul smell and blood impurity.

Medohar Guggulu : Medohar Guggulu is an ayurvedic medicine which acts as an appetite suppressant and helps in weight loss. It burns excess body fat, improves digestion and boosts BMR of the body. Benefits of Medohar Guggulu For Weight Loss: Helps in weight loss.

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Buy KamSudha Yog + Vigora M Oil at Best Price


Buy Now & Get Rs 349 OFF on Both Products

MRP FOR BOTH  RS 1998 (RS 349/OFF) RS 1549 (Inclusive All Taxes)

  • 100% Natural and Ayurvedic Formulation Based on Vajikarana Siddhant.
  • Extract of 21 Powerful Herbs.
  • Useful in Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, loss of Libido etc.
  • Net Quantity : Extract Based 60 CAP. for One Month.
  • Authentic Ayurvedic Formulation.
  • Improve Mating time and Overall Man Health.

Vigora-M Oil (also known as Sandha Oil) is a Penis Enlargement Oil 100% safe Ayurvedic formulation blended with essential secret aphrodisiac herbs which are very beneficial for treating Penis size and erection problem. Vigora-M (Sandha Oil ) is a classical and genuine ayurvedic formulation for penis enlargement, longer performance, stronger and harder erection.

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HairWell Herbal Hair Oil – आयुर्वेदिक हेयर आयल


HairWell Hair Oil is a blend of 18 very precious & rare ayurvedic herbs which is in use for hair-related problems since ancient times. HairWell Hair Oil helps to prevent dandruff, hair loss, split ends, and premature grey hair. It is also very useful to make soft and shiny hair and manage dry and rough hair. HairWell Ayurvedic Hair Oil is very beneficial for hair re-growth. It provides complete nutrients to the scalp and hair roots without any side effect as it 100% chemical-free and no artificial color or fragrance used in this oil.

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Wheat Grass Extract Based Capsule – गेंहू ज्वारे एक्सट्रेक्ट कैप्सूल


Wheatgrass is nature’s finest medicine. Many Herbal practitioners prefer intake of Wheatgrass powder or juice because of its many basic components and trace elements with immense healing capacity. The main components found in Wheatgrass capsules are vitamins, proteins, enzymes, minerals, and antioxidants that make it the best nutritional supplement.

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Shatavari Herbal Capsule – शतावरी आयुर्वेदिक कैप्सूल


Satavari Capsule is purely a herbal formulation. It is very beneficial for women’s health. It helps nourish and cleanse the female reproductive system.

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Shallaki Herbal Capsule for Joint Care – जोड़ो के दर्द के लिए आयुर्वेदिक दवा


Shallaki Capsules are an herbal supplement for joint care. Having anti-inflammatory & analgesic properties. It provides gentle care for joints & helps relieve joint pains & muscle stiffness. Shallaki also cures wounds & ulcers. Shallaki also helps to treat musculoskeletal disorders such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumatism, gout and lower back pain. It is also useful for the treatment of neurological problems, skin and blood diseases. These capsules aid fracture healing.

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